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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

An 18-year-old student who died in Tuesday's mass shooting at a Denver charter school was just three days away from his graduation.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

Iran's announcement on Wednesday that it would no longer respect limits on nuclear activities under a landmark 2015 deal have raised fresh fears over whether the painstakingly negotiated accord can survive. Tehran's move comes a year to the day since US President Donald Trump dramatically withdrew from the agreement and proceeded to re-introduce sanctions which have hit the Iranian economy hard. The UN's Vienna-based nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has had the delicate task of verifying the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), through regular inspections of Iranian facilities.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Chris Wray said Tuesday that he does not consider court-approved FBI surveillance to be "spying" and said he has no evidence the FBI illegally monitored President Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 election.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

"YOU'RE FIRED": A Richmond Walmart employee was brought to tears after a prankster posed as an executive and fired her.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

The service has decided its fighter requirements are different than the Air Force’s.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

The US Navy has ended operations assisting Japan's search for a stealth fighter jet that crashed in the Pacific, after some of its debris was recovered. "A US Navy salvage team aboard a contracted vessel completed its mission supporting search and recovery operations with the Japan Self-Defense Forces," the US 7th Fleet said in a statement on Wednesday. Japan will continue searching for the remains of the plane, a defence spokesman said.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

A lack of health funding in Gaza means 1,700 people shot by Israeli security forces may have to have amputations in the next two years, Jamie McGoldrick, the U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for occupied Palestinian territory, told reporters on Wednesday. McGoldrick said 29,000 Palestinians had been wounded in protests in the past year, and 7,000 of them had gunshot wounds, mostly in the lower legs. "You've got 1,700 people who are in need of serious, complicated surgeries for them to be able to walk again," McGoldrick said.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

A nine-year-old boy has been charged with murder after his mother was killed with a rifle in their home in southern Michigan.Court documents show he is also facing a felony firearm charge.It is unclear if he has been charged as an adult or juvenile.St Joseph County prosecutor John McDonough told WWMT-TV the woman’s body was found early on Monday morning in Fawn River Township, about 160 miles (260km) west-southwest of Detroit.One local mother said the boy had threatened to kill her eight-year-old daughter in February last year.“He told her that he wanted to get a knife and stab her and watch her die, and watch her mother cry,” Alecia Pieronski told the broadcaster.She said she warned the school’s principal about what the boy had said.“Maybe this a wake-up call to other schools when you have that troubled child screaming for help to do something,” she added. Sheriff Bradley Balk said the boy was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at a state-run juvenile facility.Authorities have not released the circumstances of the killing or details of why the child is considered a suspect.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

The former head of Venezuela’s feared intelligence service Sebin has had sanctions on him lifted by the United States, in a move designed to encourage others to follow his lead and abandon Nicolas Maduro. Mr Maduro’s government announced shortly afterwards that it was taking control of three private airfields, in a move widely seen as trying to stop others following the general’s lead and fleeing the country. Nestor Reverol, head of public works, said the Metropolitana air field in Caracas, the airport in the town of Higuerote, and Aeropuerto Caracas, south of the capital, had been taken over “to avoid illicit acts which would compromise the safety of civil aviation.” Mike Pence, the US vice president, announced on Tuesday that sanctions would be lifted from General Manuel Cristopher Figuera after he resigned on April 30. “You can’t live in misery in a country this rich,” wrote Mr Figuera, in a letter of resignation that received national attention. Mike Pence, pictured with Venezuela's interim president Juan Guaido on February 25, praised Mr Figuera for cutting ties with Mr Maduro Mr Pence, speaking in Washington, hailed Mr Figuera as an example for all other senior Venezuelan officials to follow. “The United States will give sanctions relief to all those willing to step forward, stand up for the constitution, and support the rule of law,” he said. Mr Figuera was placed on a list of US-sanctioned Venezuelans on February 15. The US treasury said on Tuesday that he was being rewarded for denouncing Mr Maduro. “The delisting of Cristopher also shows the good faith of the United States that removal of sanctions may be available for designated persons who take concrete and meaningful actions to restore democratic order, refuse to take part in human rights abuses, speak out against abuses committed by the illegitimate Maduro regime, or combat corruption in Venezuela,” it said in a statement. “As a result of today’s action, all property and interests in property, which had been blocked solely as a result of Cristopher’s designation, are unblocked and all otherwise lawful transactions involving US persons and Cristopher are no longer prohibited.” Nicolas Maduro, flanked by his defence minister Vladimir Padrino, greets troops on May 2 after successfully repressing an uprising lead by Juan Guaido Mr Figuera had been head of Sebin since October 2018. He graduated from Venezuela’s military academy in 1989, and served as Hugo Chavez’s aide-de-camp for 12 years. In 2017 he became head of military intelligence. When he was promoted to head of Sebin, replacing Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez after a suspicious death of a Sebin agent inside a Sebin building, the opposition party Primero Justicia accused Mr Figuera himself of having a questionable past. “This means more torture, more violations of human rights, and more persecution,” the party said in a statement, accusing him of “abuse and torture”. Since Mr Figuera’s resignation, Mr Gonzalez Lopez has been reinstated as Sebin head.

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Posted by admin on May 09, 2019

Students called for an end to politicized grief

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