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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

Donald Trump lashed out at Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) after he was heard over a hot mic saying the Republican Party would be “toast” if it stuck with Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

Hidden footage from 2014 shows the disturbing moment a group of nurses laughed as a World War II veteran repeatedly called for help and died.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

State regulators in Nebraska narrowly voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline on Monday, five days after the original Keystone pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

POST GAME: Robert Costa and Ali Vitali discuss the odds for the GOP's tax bill, and the impact of allegations of sexual assault on the Republican party.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

The Federal Aviation Administration has found no violations with an infamous Arkansas event that involves dropping live turkeys from a plane ― but that may be because no one ever thought they’d need a rule about that.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

Thanksgiving travel can be just as stressful as it can be exciting.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

Zimbabwe's ruling party fired Robert Mugabe as its leader on Sunday and gave the 93-year-old less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment, an attempt to force a peaceful end to his 37 years in power after a de facto coup.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

The previous national federal ban on assault weapons lapsed more than a decade ago, and Congress has not renewed it. Resistance to a ban on military-style assault weapons is strongest among millennials, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released this week. It’s a finding that experts said might be driven by the popularity of first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty and the increasing prominence of military-style guns in the consumer market.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

Squirrels could hold the key to helping stroke patients avoid brain damage, scientists believe. Researchers in the US have discovered that when squirrels hibernate a protective process occurs in their cells which allows their brain to function with reduced blood flow and oxygen. When they awaken the animals suffer no ill-effects despite being deprived of essential nutrients.   During an ischemic stroke the blood supply, containing sugar and oxygen, is cut off to the brain, causing cells to die, which often leads to paralysis and speech problems. Scientists from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) believe that creating a drug which could trigger the same cellular changes of hibernating squirrels could prevent that brain damage. "If we could only turn on the process hibernators appear to use to protect their brains, we could help protect the brain during a stroke and ultimately help people recover," said first author Joshua Bernstock, a graduate student at NINDS. Around 100,000 people have strokes each year in Britain, and 85 per cent will suffer ischemic strokes, with almost two thirds of the survivors leaving hospital with a disability. There 1.2 million people currently living in the UK with the after-effects from a stroke. Two thirds of people leave hospital after having a stroke with a disability  Credit: Peter DazeleyGetty Images Contributor Currently, the only way to minimize stroke-induced cell death is to remove the clot as soon as possible. But if a treatment could be quickly administered which helped the brain survive without blood and oxygen, outcomes for patients could be radically improved, experts believe. Researchers found that a cellular process called SUMOlyation goes into overdrive when squirrels hibernate, protecting their cells. They found that process could be boosted by the enzyme ebselen. When ebselen was injected into animal brain cells, they stayed alive, even when deprived of blood and oxygen. Further experiments also showed that ebselen boosted SUMOylation in the brains of healthy mice. "For decades scientists have been searching for an effective brain-protecting stroke therapy to no avail. said Dr Francesca Bosetti, program director at NINDS. “If the compound identified in this study successfully reduces tissue death and improves recovery in further experiments, it could lead to new approaches for preserving brain cells after an ischemic stroke." In numbers | Stroke Mr Bernstock said he hoped the research would encourage other scientists to look to nature to solve pressing medical problems. "As a physician-scientist, I really like to work on projects that have clear relevance for patients," he added. "I always want outcomes that can lend themselves to new therapeutics for people who are in need." The research was published in The FASEB Journal, the journal of the Foundation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2017

A few dozen free speech advocates rallied peacefully Saturday on Boston Common but just like last summer's event, they were outnumbered by counterprotesters.

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• 10 Things That Good Houseguests Never Ever Do (Nov 20, 2017)

• Man Accidentally Shoots Self, Wife During Gun Safety Discussion (Nov 20, 2017)

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